We manage whole processes from the seeds to customers’ table.


    01 Seed selection

    We select the appropriate seeds networking with the National Institute of Crop Science and supply them to the contracted farmers directly.


    02 Contracted farmers education

    Before starting sowing, we educate contracted farmers.


    03 Cultivation Check

    We visit the farms regularly to check the growth status and cultivation environment


    04 harvest check

    We predict the purchase price according to the quality and yield of sesame and perilla.


    05 Purchase

    Corpertion with the local Agricultural Cooperatives, we assess the grade of seed and purchase the highest quality seeds in consideration of ripening and moisture content of sesame and perilla.


    06 Low temperature storage

    From November to the following year, it is stored at low temperatures to maintain uniform quality.

We Produce with patented manufacturing technology.


    01 Pretreatment

    It effectively filters out impurities and stones from sesame and perilla seeds.


    02 Washing

    It washes several times to remove impurities from sesame and perilla seeds.


    03 Cold-pressing

    It goes through cold-pressing to preserve the original taste of raw materials with minimal heat.


    04 Filtering

    Queensbucket's pharmaceutical filters remove harmful ingredients while preserving beneficial minerals. This filtering ensures that the useful components of the vegetable lipids are not damaged.


    05 Bottling(Image from 'Lamang')

    The filtered oil is bottled in high-strength, colored bottles that increase UV protection and block air.


    06 Release of the product

    Our sesame and perilla oils are relaesed to each retailer.



  • Organic Processed Food

  • Traditional food quality

  • ISO22000

  • FSSC22000

  • FDA


We consider the environment through a Sustainable consumption.