Brand concept

Queensbucket _
Where you can find
fresh oil product

Queensbucket tried a cold-pressing method that
preserves the nutty flavor of the seed itself that
contains the nutrients of sesame and perilla as it is.
The result is a collection of products unique
in their taste, aroma and nutrition.

It is our mission to produce fresh oils
you can trust and eat.

Brand name

It contains the
nutrients of food ingredients as they are.

Qualified and unaltered food
enables eco nutrition and savor.

  • 01. Keep whole nutrients of vegetable
    seeds remain in oils.
  • 02. Make it healthy and fresh.
  • 03. Let customers get pleasure from
    products in their bucket.

Keep whole nutrients of vegetable seeds remain
in oils, Make it healthy and fresh,
Let customers get pleasure from products in their bucket.

Brand history

What we have done

  • 2012

    Feb. Founded 'Queensbucket'

  • 2013

    Mar. Opened Inner-city small oil shop
    (Yeoksam-dong, Seoul)

  • 2014

    Jun. Entered Galleria Luxury
    Hall Gourmet 494

    Nov. Entered all Hyundai Department stores

    Dec. Organic processed food certification Participation in the support project for the reduction of hazardous chemical substances for small and medium-sized enterprises
    → Non-detection of benzopyrene (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety)

  • 2015

    Sep. Entered Hotel Hyundai, Hotel Shilla

  • 2016

    Dec. Selected for Sparklab Accelerating Program

  • 2017

    Mar. Entered E-mart, Starfield PK

    May. Selected as a family company by the Korea Food Research Institute

    Jun. Entered Daniel, Batard, New York (Michelin restaurant)

    Nov. Selected for TIPS Program

    Dec Entered City Super, Hong kong Entered Shinsegae Deprtment store Korea Food Research Institute Food Technology Award _ Grand Prize by the Ministry of Science and ICT

  • 2018

    Jun. Factory Establishment in Iksan, Jeonbuk

    Oct. FDA Certification

    Nov. HACCP Certification

    Dec. Award certificate by Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Attracting Pre-A Investment (Korea Technology Finance Corporation)

  • 2019

    Jan. Attracting Series-A Investment
    (KDB Infrastructure Investments Asset Management)

    Feb. Traditional food quality Certification

    Apr. Inner-city Factory Establishment
    (Dongdaemun, Seoul)

  • 2020

    Aug. ISO22000/FSSC22000 Certification

  • 2021

    May. Halal Certification

    Jun. Opened 'the Oil of Queensbucket'
    (Gangnam the Shops at Centerfield)